E-HR concept

The EcoValley - Plaine du Var:

  •     10 120 enterprises, 60 000 jobs, 116 000 inhabitants, 10 000 hectares between the sea and the mountains,
  •     The ISO label "Operation of National Interest", which highlights the State's commitment to the Eco-Vallée project, one of the largest ISOs in France


  •     40% of companies are considering recruiting but at the same time 91% mention difficulties in finding skilled workers,
  •     Time, Cost, Distance are the main obstacles to mobilize employees and the company on training,
  •     No ecosystem in the Plaine du Var that promotes the professional mobility of employees and career paths,
  •     The multiplicity of actors makes it increasingly difficult to access information useful to companies.


  •     The creation of 10,000 jobs in 10 years years on the territory with the establishment of new companies,
  •     The growth or the mutation of the companies already established to maintain the existing jobs.


Make GPEC Territoriale a collaborative approach that leads to a service offer "Human Resources" concrete and useful to companies!


"EDRH, a shared territorial HRD" (Digital and Human)


To help the VSE / SMEs which do not have a HRD and in particular their:
  •     Simplify recruitment,
  •     Simplify access to training for their employees,
  •     Simplifying access to useful information (providing answers to questions from companies)

Success criteria for actions to be developed:

  •     Meeting short-term, concrete, useful and relevant business needs
  •     Reaching the largest number of companies (small and medium-sized enterprises) thanks to the digital @
  •     Networking in a coordinated way the key players (employment, training, communities) by having identified a single interlocutor for companies
  •     Mutualization of existing tools
  •     Pre-financing of proposed actions for companies
  •     Develop additional actions in the medium term

Ambition :

"EDRH": Transforming economic development into employment opportunities on the territory!